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Destination Spot

Not too long ago one of my friends asked me where I was going to go this year. Perhaps I should explain where I’m coming from with this. Ok, so usually when we get our break, we take a trip somewhere. For the one we’re currently planning, I said I want to go to the […]

I’m Still Messy

My friend came to visit and stay with me for a few days last weekend. It was my old roommate from university. I hadn’t seen her in a few years since she moved away to take a job in the next city over, but was in town for a wedding and I told her she […]

Upcoming Vacation

I am counting the days until we go on vacation and as of today that number stands at 34 days. My husband and I are going to the islands of Indonesia for a full week and it can’t get here soon enough. I am so ready to leave that I can taste it. The reason […]

Finding Parking

I’m going to be shopping for a car soon.  I’ve been living in the city for a little over two years now and haven’t really needed a car.  Those of you who have lived in a downtown city know what I mean; you can pretty much just walk or take public transportation wherever you want […]

Finding a Babysitter

Finding a babysitter for our son was harder than we ever thought it would be.  We wanted somebody that would come to our house the hours that my husband and I were at work.  Since we didn’t know anybody available for the position we looked online.  We were nervous about hiring a complete stranger, but […]

Ego And Guitar

Your ego was bruised by this individuals capabilities? Has it crossed your mind that this is the perfect opportunity to embrace a challenge to learn from this individual? See, competition is about drive, and motivation, but what is your agenda? Must you be perfect because you were abused as a child, or is your motivation […]

Different Types Of Communication

Look at this: “Selfish is not realizing that people communicate in different ways. You assume that my reasoning for it is because I want to avoid the situation — which is not the truth. As I’ve said before, I naturally assume that I’m going to remain friends with an ex unless it proves to be […]

Trying On Different Hats And Planning For The Future

Next I had to try on many different types of professions and say that every single one of them is OK. Even if it means that at the end of the day, I end up working in a totally different profession. When I say try them on, I researched the heck out of a lot […]