I’m Still Messy

933642_talkingMy friend came to visit and stay with me for a few days last weekend. It was my old roommate from university. I hadn’t seen her in a few years since she moved away to take a job in the next city over, but was in town for a wedding and I told her she had to stop by while she was in town or she wouldn’t be my friend anymore! lol. We’re childish sometimes. Ever known someone who was like that? Anyway, when she got to my place she walks in and gave me a big hug and was like “well, I see you haven’t changed!” And I said “what do you mean?” And she goes “you’re still messy!”

Backstory: when we were living together at school she used to joke that I was the messy one.  I would just kind of keep my stuff strewn about.  I wasn’t super messy, I just didn’t necessarily put everything back in the closet when I was done with it.  So just about the only fights we ever had were over how messy or place was.  She would always put everything back and everything had its own neat little place where it went.  It was actually pretty cool and she was very organized and knew where everything was.  The only reason I didn’t do that is because I knew where everything was, too.  She would always say “I have no idea how you know where anything is!”  I always seemed to be able to find my stuff pretty easily, though.

Well, I’ve been trying to make some changes and get more organized recently.  I got a bunch of plastic storage bins that I started keeping my things in and trying to group them logically.  Apparently my old roommate still thinks I’m messy, though.  She laughed after she said I haven’t changed.

I hope this doesn’t seem mean.  It’s all in good fun, and while she did get annoyed at my messy habits while we were living together, I think she understood that I didn’t have her need to clean.  So it was funny when she brought it up now.  I then said “hold on, you have to check this out” and showed her my closet with everything in its own little storage container and stacked up nicely and she said she was impressed.  Haha!  We then went out for some food and drinks so we could reminisce about university and talked about what we’d been up to and stuff.

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