Upcoming Vacation

Indonesian beachI am counting the days until we go on vacation and as of today that number stands at 34 days. My husband and I are going to the islands of Indonesia for a full week and it can’t get here soon enough. I am so ready to leave that I can taste it. The reason for that is my job has been kicking me in the butt lately. I know this is our busy time of the year but it has been extra crazy this year. We have been more or less forced to work 12 hour days 5 days a week which has not been fun. To make matters worse for me I live about an hour away so 12 hours plus 2 commuting equals an extra-long day for me. By the time I get home I eat dinner and watch like an hour of TV and then I go to bed and do it all over again. Hopefully you can see now why I am looking forward to getting away.

We are leaving on a Sunday morning and coming back the following Monday afternoon. While we are there we will be flying with Citilink to get from island to island. I booked all of that myself like I always do for our trips. I am a better online shopper than my husband is. He thinks that money grows on trees and will book the first deal he sees that looks good. I on the other hand do my research and get the best deal that is available.

I’m the same way when it comes to buying groceries. The store I go to now has this neat little program where you can add things to your discount card from the internet. You sign in to their program either online or through a phone application and can add deals. They deal match two other stores than have coupons you can add. They also personalize deals for you based on your buying history. I really get into it and usually save right around 40% each time I go. I remember a few weeks ago I was feeling a bit under the weather so my husband went instead. He ending up spending almost twice the amount that I do on a weekly basis and didn’t even get the same amount of food. I just had to shake my head when he got home because although I expected it I thought he would do a better job than he did.

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